"The mistakes we've made shape the beings we are today, and the mistakes we'll make next"

Farewell has been cancelled


Mmmph, bored


Map revisions #1 are in - Thanks BlackMask! They look great - much better than my maps. Progress progress - I think I can start makin' some events now :D

The tileset is coming along quite well - FINALLY GOT THE GRASS JUST RIGHT, edited it again. The water isn't going anywhere, any time soon. Oh well...

I'm really trying to make these posts as long as I can, but there isn't much to update...
  • Learnin' color theory better
  • Drawing millions of humorous Asea chibis
  • Fixing up maps
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Playing Vacant Sky
It's all about the theme and atmosphere for this game, so an amount of thinking has to be put into the game. I want it to be as visually pleasing as possible, and also as moving (feeling) as can be done. I'm picking the right colors for the game.

New support bar!

Updated with the new name, and sprite. It looks better, I think - somewhat. My personal one is better though. It's exclusive to me though >:] I might share though.

Lemme see...

I'm going to start by releasing screenies to the public without the custom resources, then have some screenies to show off the resources, and then the two together. I'll have a new Alpha without resources up maybe later this year, early summer.

That's it for now! I'll update soon,
-abreaction / Team NID

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