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Farewell has been cancelled


So it has commenced

Hello all!
I have started the Project NID/Farewell blog. Here I will try to post as much updates as I can, at least once a week. All updates on the game topics in RRR and HBG will go here, and some.
Please favorite this - we need your support!

I haven't heard back from two of the team members - Spook and WeaponOD - but BlackMask has pledged his allegiance to the game :D He's hoping to get stuff on the road, as it should.

I finally finished up the grass tile, and a weed tile, and nearly there with the water. It may take a while for the tileset to be finished ^^; Most likely.

Above is BISHY ASEA. No, I'm not a girl, I just was bored, and decided to make a chibi-asea. That line is his mouth, so look at it that way :P

Expect another update Monday!

All of us at Team NID

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