"The mistakes we've made shape the beings we are today, and the mistakes we'll make next"

Farewell has been cancelled



Well, I'm a liar. I said I would try to blog every Monday - I didn't :I. But as long as I'm here, I may as well.

I can see 2 more people checked out my blog!!! :D And... one of them doesn't expect to return. :(
C'mon people! Tell all your friends! The thing this game needs most is support... then funds :P

Well, I got in contact with BlackMask., He's got the maps done - I have yet to get them, though. I've been working on a new spriting style, which you can see the unfinished template at the bottom (female). It's sort of a mix between RMXP and VX. It isn't really, since it's not a real XP body, nor is it a fully VX head - but it's the easiest way to describe it.
People are calling it cute, not sure why. Maybe you can find out, by checking it out at the bottom of this post.

I've thrown out all the previous graphics (besides the RTP sprites, and battlers) and have started over with pictures, and such. As well, I've got the new version of ACBS, and have got a much more simplistic menu. I'm hoping to release a tech demo by the end of spring.

Sorry I've got no eye-catching thumbnail at the beginning of this post - not in the drawing mood...

I started writing a script recently - a Scene_Base for RMXP, with all sorts of snippets for making coding Scenes easier. A compilation. ;) Until I realized the SDK and MACL can do pretty much everything I did. The rest was extremely simple and you could have just included it in the Scene's script itself... So I made myself feel better by helping some people out in RMXP general support. (Of course, Dustin came along to ruin all the fun with a "one liner," to simplify my RGSS snippet >.< )

Well, that's all I have to say for now! Until next week   I'll write again eventually, don't worry!

 <- A bad example, since I made this before the template.




Sorry that I didn't post anything for the last two 3 weeks. I hadn't done anything with NID, so I didn't see a point in making a blog post. But I have made some progress:
I finished the intro, and went a little forward. Then I got stuck. I didn't know what to do next... I figured it out a day later, but then ran into another problem.

The steeple.

The Ulma Steeple, one of the most important parts of the plot. And I didn't have a map for it. BlackMask hadn't even touched on it D: I called up Spook again, no reply yet, but I'm hoping he can help.
The thing about the steeple is that it's tall; extremely tall. This sort of thing is hard to map in RM, let alone done right. First, there's the pasability issue. You need to walk behind it. Unless a body of water is behind it. As well, walking behind such a wide, tall thing, can easily make the player lose position of their sprite, and become distraught, without a clue where the character is on the map. Then there's the tile repition. Nothing but tiles and tiles of bricks (with the exception of the occasional windows). If you don't have experience and skill in mapping, it'll look absolutely horrible! I somewhat regret making a steeple a part of the plot...

I made a new logo for the game though, to fit the new title. There's two: Asea, and Saika. I was going to make a third, but ran into a problem: You can only invert once. So I'm thinking of making two white-blacks, and two black-whites. But at any rate, here they are:

It's definitely better than the old logo. I also changed the header  of the blog's image, if you haven't noticed yet. (if so, get your eyes checked)
Lastly, I have made a few plot changes:
Michael is now an inanimate object.
The story now takes place on land, rather than floating islands.
The story is much more  based off of the bible (especially the last chapter of the game, but I can't spoil the ending for you!)

If I haven't had any progress by next week, I'll just blog ideas, and what I'm doing. Better than nothing!
Till next week!