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Hey, Screenies!

How's it going, people? If you're just here to check it out, please fave the blog - you can get more on Project NID, extras, and blah blah blah (extra features) just from checking in here every Monday and Thursday (Although I'd recommend Tuesday Friday, since I don't post until late at night)

Today I present you with
You heard me right! Got three screenies here, maps compliments of Black Mask (thanks!) Remember though, as I said in my last post, the screenies will be maps in RTP until the tileset is finished, so just some eye candy:
 [click to enlarge]

 Fig. 1

Fig. 2 

Fig. 3

Fig. 1: Here's the hideout(?) or base for Asea - all his extra supplies, a bed, save point, ect. are here. Also shown is a little bit of the save point system - to show we have it
Fig. 2 This one's a little fancy. Got the fog, tone, and sun effect. Had to turn the tone down a bit - someone said their eyes were bleeding (don't know why *blinded* :P)
Fig. 3: I'm rather fond of this map; not sure why, just am. I'm sure I'll use it in the game. Ooh, and a thought I was having was having 6+ frames in the water (wouldn't that be cool)

More screenies to come (including my current favorite)

Nothing much has happened with the team lately - I haven't heard anything from any of them for quite a while now (as in me, abreaction) but I suppose I'm at a point where I can do things myself for a while. Working on the game as we speak, hoping to finish up the RTP Alpha version of Chapter 1 sometime late this spring. Then, I'll go full onto the custom resources, and apply them, and lastly, release the demo to the public mid-summer. Setting it back a bit, I was originally hoping to release Chapters 1, 2, and 3 simultaneously. But then, afterwords, all I have to worry about are maps, and the actual game (for I'll be done with the custom resources) Of course, can't be sure that'll actually go right.

One last thing - like this game, and have a bit of cash on your hands? Please make a donation to Project NID. The money will be used to pay scripters and other necessary help. Even if it's not that much, it will help. If you can only donate 50 cents, that's completely fine. Don't feel obligated to give lots, or anything at all - just saying, it'd be nice:

Well, that's it folks!
-abreaction alone :(

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