"The mistakes we've made shape the beings we are today, and the mistakes we'll make next"

Farewell has been cancelled


Adding titles to these has become pointless... they never relate to the post.

Hey everyone, abreaction here, again, with some news that may or may not matter to you, depending on your position, philosophy, board presence, democracy, support for this game, and religion.

Well, I got a few maps from BlackMask - enough to get to work. My side projects have been holding me up lately - I wish I wouldn't come up with so many good ideas! I'm working on the Plot Script at the moment, planning out what'll happen next. The demo's release date is still extremely abstract - I won't have an exact date until it's close to done. I'm saying maybe this Summer, sometime, late Spring, maybe?

I can see a few more people visited the blog... and plan to return! Yay :D You made me happy, folks!
In return, I made this blog. ;) My thanks to you guys.

If you haven't yet noticed, I also added a page on this blog for screenies. Look to the side bar to see it.

Remember! All help, in any way whatsoever, is appreciated. Whether you want to join the team and use your talent, donate a few dollars to help us pay for scripters, have a great idea you just can't hold in, or just simply want to support the game with a userbar, we'll accept all sorts of help. Email me here: kakiro.tree@gmail.com

Lastly, I've got a screeny...
This is what I'm thinking the menu'll look like.The face graphic is just a filler, FYI.

Well, that's all for this week. I'll try real hard to post next week!


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